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Childhood Memories five

I was in the fifth grade, and I had
Mr. Roop for spelling and english.
He was a great teacher, but there

is something I’ll never forget from
his class. You see, he had this
honors spelling team called the

“tough ten” and once we had to
learn the word “pneumonoultra-

It was a form of black lung disease,
the longest word in the english
language, the second largest in the

world. I still remember it to this
day. And when giving us weekly
spelling tests, he would say a word,

then use it in a sentence. Whenever
the word “doctor” came up, he
would say the word, then recite

the lyrics: “doctor, doctor, give me
the news, I’ve got a bad case of...”
and he’d get embarrassed and laugh

and wouldn’t be able to say “loving
you.” And we’d laugh too, write the
word down, and wait for him to say

the next word.

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