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Have you ever just wanted to
fuck somebody,
you were so attracted to them
that you wanted to tear
all their clothes off,
and I do mean tear,
I’m talking I want to see
the rip in the fabric,
down through the fiber,
you just thought you wanted
them naked on top of you,
ripping through you,
pulling you to shreds,
and you liking every minute of it?

But then you think about it
for a minute, this person
sitting across the table from you
in the small cafe, and they’ve got this
harsh light right above them
making strange shadows
on their face. You talk to
this person, you act like
someone who’s proper, who
read all the fucking etiquette books,
and you talk, and you
smile, and you nod, and all the
time you’re thinking these really
perverse thoughts. But
there’s something in the back
of your head, no matter
how horny you get,
a small part of you that says
“oh, fuck it.”

I just want to know if
anyone else has had that feeling.
Someone else. Anyone else.

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