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Derek Kittle

  Derek Kittle

This poem came almost a year ago, with this simple statement:

Hello. My name is Kimberly Taberner. I am a college student living near 
Worcester, Massachusetts. This is my poem called


I felt as though I
   was fading away-
As if my innocence was
   being wasted on the
   dead and dreaming.
I spent my nights in
   self-defense and cried
   about my innocence.
A few days in this
   failing lifetime
   changed my view-
It changed my entire
You got a piece of me.
And, although I remember
   all the little things 
   that make up a memory,
You're coloring me in.
My eyes are now turning
   green again,
   instead of a pale
   blue sky.
My heart is warming-
   welcoming you in.
It was freezing my body-
   freezing my fingertips-
   from the loneliness.
I'm warming now-
   to a face in my mind.
Close those brown eyes and
   tell me if you want to be
   needed as I do.
Close those brown eyes
   and feel me next to you,
   crying thankfully on your shoulder.
Keep some sorrow in your heart
   and mind for the things
   that died before their time.
But, stay beside me where
   I am because I finally 
   know where I stand.

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