The downloadable, free, cookbook from KEDCO STUDIOS can be moved onto a high density floppy after you receive it to save room on your hard drive. This is a 300 page cookbook file with a .ZIP Extention, but it is NOT a zipped file. Simply copy it to a floppy and rename it with the line, A: REN COOKBOOK.ZIP COOKBOOK.EXE. The book runs its complete chapter menu and bookmarks, etc, on its own from any PC by typing "COOKBOOK" then press enter. It's a complete, self running PC file for IBM compatibles. With a few Macintosh machines you might be able to read this file by opening your own ASCII word processor. In that case, just retrieve the file into your machine to convert it and read the cookbook in standard ASCII format. THIS IS NOT A ZIPPED FILE. NOTE: IF YOU HAVE A MAC. or AMIGA and the PC file won't run you can also download the cookbook in a bare-bones HTML file and use it with any browser you happen have off-line. Transfer it to a floppy to unzip it with PK-UNZIP or some other program. Then start your browser without going on-line. Use the file menu - Open - choose the drive with the cookbook.htm file from the box that opens - click on readbook.htm then choose OK to read the book. All of the cookbook chapers are linked to read as one book. If you print it remember there are over 300 pages so make sure you have plenty of paper and ink in your printer. THIS IS A ZIPPED FILE OF A LITTLE OVER 133K. Click on the lower software button to download the HTML COOKBOOK.. It will work on all computers. If you have a provider like AOL that connects before the browser opens you can get a free copy of the NETSCAPE browser from YAHOO & or the free Microsoft internet explorer program at Then you can read the book offline. NOTE: Be sure and go to the freepage for the "BETTY CROCKER" COOKBOOK. I got mine in less than two weeks by UPS. It's packaged like a real book with an instruction manual and two hi-density disks etc. You'll be glad you sent for it.

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