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Believe it or not quite a few hundred books could be sold from this unusual type of advertising because of the way I've been built up over the years by publishers and editors. The people who read my books will try to read them all. There will also be a great many who will order one just to see who this guy is that the ads are talking about.
In the case of a cookbook it's even harder. You almost always have to make the author bigger than real life. Take Ruby Williams for example. She's no longer just a woman who writes a newspaper column in a small town somewhere, or two or three small connecting papers. She is now a world traveled award winning syndicated food columnist. The bottom line here is this, sometimes it will pay to focus on the author more than the kind of material you're trying to sell. It would also help to try for an award or two to help sell this kind of book. The PC CHOICE Awards are given out quarterly. Send your Western or cookbook to Chris Wright and try for one in that category. His address is at the end of the article he did for this issue. Try it. It will help sell books. Since not many are entered in these categories you stand a rather good chance of getting one. The prize if there is one isn't important, being able to say your product is an award winner is. Even a no prize honorable mention is still an award winner.
Let's get back to the subject of the cookbook shipping we started with. The distributor isn't the one at fault here it was the shipper. The author might have had better luck claiming damages from the shipper by the way the books were handled. My bottom line to her would be to invest in a two hundred-dollar shrink wrap machine.
By the way she had already spent more than the price of one of these machines with the shipping back and forth four times at more than ninety dollars each way. Shrink wrap not only protects your products in shipping, it also is a deterrent for damaging by the retailer. If they remove the plastic covering and a customer damages it you can usually consider the book sold anyway. They wouldn't send it back but more than likely sell it in a bargain bin. I use a shrink wrap machine myself and I'll give you information and instructions along with address etc. in the Winter newsletter.
Here is what we did to help MS Williams out. First we made sure it wasn't the printer's fault. We checked to make sure the covers were varnished properly and packed right. We did that because sometimes a new publisher isn't familiar with things like improper ink coverage and so on. In this case the books were done great. No little flecks of white showing through the ink or scratches on any of them. Next we put her in touch with Hamilton Creek Press. Don Thissell striped the damaged covers from the books and replaced them at a very small charge. The trim size in the end was 1/8 Th of an inch smaller all around, but she could sell them by direct mail advertising for a small discount from retail, but that was a lot more than she could get by wholesaling them. She did just that by running ads in the same small town newspapers she originally wrote for, and sold them to all of the old readers of her columns that followed her cooking recipes over the years. One of those cookbook covers is the wraparound for this issue of the newsletter. As you can see it turned out very nicely and all three damaged volumes were done the same way for twenty some odd cents a copy. That's a lot better than selling them as remainders, or damaged goods.
Now let's get into just a little on selling books as remainders. Don't ever do it. The ends of any print run are a hundred times more valuable in free advertising and buying incentives for retailers to order more copies at a time than the pitiful dollar or so a copy you'll get from remainder distributors such as Edward R. Hamilton in Connecticut. Besides, I can't see letting someone else make more money on a book than I could, when I made the investment in time and dollars to start with. I don't take kindly to losing any of the income on a book that sold well at retail prices right down to the last few, just because I'm working on something new. I just offer the retailer a bonus with these remainders. For every four of this title they order, I'll give them "This title" free, a $12.50 retail buyer incentive.

Let's clean up a few odds & ends here. I have a Panasonic laser printer that goes down about one third of the time. When that happens I am usually at one deadline or another. If I have to fall back on my Cannon Ink-Jet or my Xerox 3 in one color printer from time to time and the print quality may not be what it should be, I'd like you to bear with me. It takes a little time for each new president to get organized because we don't all have the same equipment to work with. As time goes on, you'll see things get better and better. With that, I'll close this and let all of you get started on all of the ideas you can work with from this issue of the newsletter. As always if you need help or special attention, I'm available to help you deal with any of the material we've been focusing on this time. We are not like other so called marketing associations who put out newsletters of more than half self serving advertising. Most of them go to extremes in charging you for everything then fill up the rest of their pages with offers to sell you other services. Then when you buy those services you'll be very lucky if your advertising even has the proper information or mailing addresses on it. I'm not saying anything new to some of you and I have been through some of these routines with these membership organizations like the N.A.B.E. and others myself. Let me know if I can be of any help to you. If any of you would like to see a sample of the cookbooks I use as freebies when I advertise on a BBS for computer users just let me know. I'll send it without the fancy packaging I described earlier. You can use them on any IBM compatible computer. I'll send them on the small three and a half inch disk unless you tell me otherwise. I'm going to have to upgrade my MAC a little before I can program the things I mention in these newsletters for you Macintosh users but I'll get it done as fast as I can and let you know when you can get those samples and material from me for the Mac. We try to send out our special information disks twice a year. I need to know if you can retrieve or convert WORDPERFECT 6.0 or PAGEMAKER 5.0 file of forms and macros into your oun programs or not. When I get new forms for retail invoces and so on I use those two programs to put them in the computer. By the way, when you're building products for computers, try to test them on the oldest machines you can find. Mac. or PC both. If the products even work all crippled up and limp along without showing the photos and graphics or something but is still able to be read, you have expanded your probable customer base by millions. Many, many people still use older machines and will want to buy a book to read on it. If your books can only be read on the most expensive top of the line machines you will severely limit your sales. I think that's just about going to do it for this quarter.


Atticus Book Stores
1020 Chapel Street
New Haven CT, 06510

B. Dalton Book stores
(A Division of the Dayton Hudson Corporation)
9340 James Ave. South
Minneapolis MN, 55431

Barnes & Noble
B Dalton
122 Fifth Ave.
New York NY, 10011
Peter Laughton HC
Jim Chandler Paper
Maureen Golden
Childrens books
Kim Brown Remainders

The Book Cache
436 Fifth Ave.
Anchorage AL, 99501

Crown Books
3300 75 th Ave.
Landover MD, 20785
John Sutton HC
Jeanne Herrick soft

Doubleday Book Shops
245 Park Ave
New York NY, 10167-0034
Vicky Kuehner buyer

Gateway Books
6305 Baum Drive
Knoxville TN, 37919

Honolulu Book Shops Ltd.
1450 Ala Moana Blvd.
Honolulu HI, 96814

Hunter's Books
(division of Books Inc.)
463 N Rodeo Drive
Beverly Hills CA,90210

Reader's Market
201 High Ridge Road
Stamford CT 06905-3417
Book Sections At K-Marts
Nicholas Sinsi buyer

W.H.Smith Bookstores
113 Merton Street
Toronto, Ontario
M4S 1A8 Canada
190 stores N.Berrisford buyer

Quest Bookshop
306 W. Geneva Road
P.O.Box 270
Wheaton IL 60189-0270
new age & theosophy

The Book Market
1200 N. North Branch St.
Chicago IL 60622

Bookland Industrial Park
P.O.Box 219
Florence AL 35630

(Owned By Macmilian Co,)
586 Fifth Ave
New Yourk NY 10036

Beth Koehler buyer
201 High Ridge Rd.
Stamford CT 06905-3417
A Ritzy Dept. of Waldenbooks

Dillard Dept Stores
900 West Capitol
P.O.Box 486
Little Rock AR 72203

Bookland Of Maine
(Owned By Portland News)
P.O.Box 1728
Portland ME 04104

J.L.Hudson Co.
1206 Woodward
Detroit MI 48226

400 Sixth Ave.
Pittsburgh PA 15219

Kroch & Brentano
29 South Wabash
Chicago IL 60603

201 High Ridge Rd.
Stamford CT 06903
1000 + stores

B. Dalton Software
Steve Daubenspeck Buyer
One Corporate Center
7505 Metro Blvd.
Minneapolis MN 55435-3990

Computer books Etc
. Hammett's Learning World
100 Hammett place
Braintree MA 02184
Childrens Stores
Evie Kaatz buyer

Hastings Books
2601 Wilson Village
Amarillo TX 79102
Dawn Taylor buyer
120 Stores

Health Fair
5045 Franklin
P.O.Box 21207
Waco TX 76702
Hospital Bookstores

The following stores specialize in cookbooks.

Books For Cooks
301 S. Light Street
Baltimore MD 21202
Cookbooks, recipe cards & files

Food For Thought
1299 Gilpin Street #10W
Denver CO 80218-2556
Debbie Cordell owner

Cookbook Corner
620 Sutter Street
San Francisco CA 94102-1018
Taya Monfried owner

Cookbook Store
850 Yonge Street
M4W 2H1 Ontario Canada
Cookbook Company
837-17 Ave S.W.
Calgary T2T 0A1 AL
Canada Gail Norton owner

A to Z Books
1400 W. Highway 40
Blue Springs MO 64015
2 stores

Alfonsi Reading Centers
10 N. Euclid
St. Louis MO 63108
6 stores

Benjamin Books
330 Dalziel Rd.
Linden NJ 07036
7+ stores in airports

Bush Stationers
Cotswald Mall
Charlotte NC 28211-3593
6 stores

Community News Center
2120 S. Meridan
Indianapolis IN 46225

Community News Center
P.O.Box 908
2571 Saradan St.
Jackson MI 49204
6 stores

Copperfield's Books
138 N. Main St.
Sebastopol CA 95472
5 stores

Gordon's Booksellers
2113 N. Charles St.
Baltimore MD 21218
6 stores

Graham's Books
460 Second St.
Lake Oswego OR 97034-3127
Teri Graham buyer
4 stores

Westland Shopping Center
10405 West Colfax
Lakewoon CO 80215
6 stores

Century Bookstores
2850 W. Berry
Fort Worth TX 76109

Comics & Comix
2461 Telegraph Ave.
Berkeley CA 94704-2397
Carl Davidson buyer

Davis-Kidd Booksellers
4007 Hillsboro Drive
Nashville TN 37215
3 stores

Honolulu Book Shops
287 Kalihi St.
Honolulu HI 96819
5 stores

Liberty House Book Dept.
P.O.Box 2690
Honolulu HI 96845
7 stores

Marjen Books
P.O.Box 5250
150 Greenleaf Ave
. Portsmouth NH 03801-5341
4 stores

News 'N Novels
2222 Golden Gate Dr.
Greensboro NC 27405
5 stores

Olsson's Books
1239 Wisconsin Ave NW
Washington DC 20007
5 stores

Powell's Books
1005 W. Burnside
Portland OR 97209
6 stores

Readmore Bookstores
P.O.Box 145449
Cincinnati OH 45250-5449
5 stores

Readmore Bookstores
777 W. Goodale Blvd.
Columbus OH 43212
5 more stores

Shinder's Readmore Books
733 Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis Mn 55403
12 stores

Remington Bookstores
508 St. Paul Place
Baltimore MD 21202-2288
3 stores

Stacey's Bookstores
581 Market St.
San Francisco CA 94105
5 stores

Taylor's Books
10495 Olympic Dr. #100
Dallas TX 75220
childrens books 6 stores

Titles Unlimited
5 Crescent Ave.
Rocky Hill NJ 08553
5 stores

Trover Shop Books
227 Pennsylvania Ave. SE
Washington DC 20003

Anderson News Agency
390 Exchange St. Box 1624
New Haven CT 06506

Book & Game Co.
313 W. Riverside Ave.
Spokane WA 99201
Si-fi & Fantasy 4 stores

The Book & Record
Commerce St.
Poughkeepsie NY 12603
5 stores

Book bag stores
P.O.Drawer 40
Charleston SC 29402-0040
11 stores

Book Corner
50 Shrewsbury St.
Boylston MA 01505-1702
14 stores

The Book Emporium
1301 SW Washington St.
Peoria IL 61602-1795
11 stores

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