Canadian Spirit Voices

ISBN: 1-878431-44-7
© 2003 by Richard Vallance and Kedco Studios, Las Vegas, Nevada

– is a CD-ROM book the approximate equivalent of a 500 page anthology, and is 12 Chapters long.

This is Kedco Press’s first release of a stellar poetry anthology by a Canadian author, the now internationally known Neo-Romantic bilingual poet and sonneteer, Richard Vallance, who is the official poetry critic for the UK E-Zine, Poetry Life and Times.


1. The first eight chapters contain over 125 of Richard's sonnets and poems from 1962 to the present, in both English and French.
2. Chapter 9 features almost 300 haiku in English and French, by seasons.
3. Chapter 10 is the Novella, Denizen, a chillingly haunting tale of a Renaissance female vampyre, which is guaranteed to make your hair stand on end!
4. Chapter 11 contains 32 of Richard’s translations into English poetry of several poems by the ancient Greek poets Hesiod, Alcman, Alcaeus and Sappho; the Latin poets Catullus and Horace; and French poems by Joachim du Bellay, Pierre de Ronsard, Charles Baudelaire, Gérard de Nerval, Émile Nelligan, Arthur Rimbaud, Paul Valéry and the contemporary poet, Üzeyir Lokman Çayci, along with Francesco Petrarch’s Sonnet 190 and the German translated into English lyrics of one of Franz Schubert’s songs from Rosamunde.
5. Chapter 12 is the 100 page essay, in six Sections, The Historical Evolution of the Sonnet, which is an abundantly annotated, comprehensive academic review essay of the history of the sonnet from its earliest manifestations in Thirteenth Century Sicily right through the outset of the Third Millennium, complete with a research bibliography.

Canadian Spirit Voices is profusely illustrated with hundreds of classical paintings, lithographs, pictures, public domain photographs, along with copyrighted photos by the author and by the French-Canadian multidisciplinary artist, Colette Genest. Here is a small cross sample of the illustrations in the book:

Inside Cover frontispiece illustration

Chapter 1 (Bayeux tapestry)

Chapter 9 (Haiku frontispiece)

Chapter 10 August Caesar (63 B.C. – 14 A.D.)

Chapter 12 Tetraktis

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