A collection of Erotic Short Stories for Women
by Sara L. Russell & Patricia DiMiere


KEDCO's latest Fiction Multimedia CD-ROM. Quickies is fun, funky and often rather naughty! Less trouble than men, less fattening than chocolate, this collection of stories could help women readers to beat those winter blues...

The concept for QUICKIES was inspired by Sara and Patricia having read and enjoyed the work of well-known humorous-erotic writers such as Erica Jong. Having met a few years back in a writers' group called Aylad, they recently got together (by email across the Atlantic) and decided to write a collection of light-hearted, romantic/erotic stories for women, with a touch of humour; the kind of book a woman can dip into and find some fun and entertainment whenever the mood strikes. The resulting collection of stories is often warm, sometimes funny, sometimes outrageous - and full of surprises.

About Sara L. Russell
Editor of Poetry Life & Times, author of Pinky's Little Book of Shadows, contributor - A Way With Words, Author of the novel Spiders & Gliders, all published by Kedco Studios Artist Profile Press. Has appeared in various ezines including Artvilla, Comrades, Poetic Reflections and The Odeum. Nominee for The Poets Hall of Fame.

About Patricia DiMiere
Contributor to the Anthology Crumbs in the Keyboard, Spring 2002 Avid Press. Award-winning contributor to the new Millennium Dawn Anthology, Kedco Studios Artist Profile Press. Has appeared in various ezines including Aylad, Erotique Magazine and Poetry Life & Times.

Adults only.