By Dint Of Passion
Sharon McElroy
Poems on Various Subjects Including
Love, Romance, Soft Eroticism

Sharon McElroy is not only a poet but a theatrical verbal artist who brings passionate drama to poetry and recitals. To read Sharon's poetry is to feel words from a sensual and loving heart. To hear her is to hear songs sung without music. Her dramatic voice and vivid word paintings on various subjects take you on incredible journeys through many places and emotions. In experiencing her poetry, you are awakened to nature, life and love, gently and profoundly. This is Sharon McElroy's second volume of poetry; her first, "Quiet Dreams From the Heart," was published in 1999. making her the first poet to produce a book on CD-ROM with text and images, but full voice recitals as well. Both books are odysseys of nature, life, and love. From social, spiritual, family and divorce issues, to being a poet, on love, romance, seduction, or soft eroticism, Sharon's warm, straight from the heart expressions touch the imagination, heart, and soul. Sharon McElroy was born in San Bernardino, California to an eighteen year old mother and a twenty-two year old military father, along with four sisters. She has traveled to, lived in, and/or visited sixteen states, four countries and five Virgin Islands. The Air Force transferred her father to Arizona in 1960 and Sharon fell in love with this state. She claims it is the home in her heart. She resides in the Phoenix area with her cat, RodShakespeare; named after her two favorite poets; Rod McKuen and William Shakespeare.

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