An Anthology Of Award Winning Fantasy Stories, Romance, Poetry, Novels, Photographs And All Time Great Classics.

This anthology includes exciting new writers from all over the world, including Ian Thorpe, Mary Hunt and Vicki Carrington from the UK, C.S. Snow and Richard Vallance from Canada, Cara Alson (from the USA), plus many other new writers not previously published by Kedco, making a wide variety of superb new poetry and fiction for a new millennium.

I.S.B.N. 1-878431-38-2
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C. S. Snow
Joyce Tres
Rochelle Hope Mehr
Sara L. Russell
Richard Vallance
Barbara Quanbeck
Mary Hunt
Ian Thorpe
Vicki Carrington
Robin Hislop
Sharon McElroy
Cara Alson
K.Vernon Davis
Angie Jonet-Brice
Jody Sherr

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