A Fine Poetry Collection
by Richard van der Draaij

I.S.B.N. 1-878431-34-X

Richard James van der Draaij was born in Sydney, Australia but lived most of his life in Holland where he worked as a librarian. He has recently moved to England to be with his girlfriend. He loves mystery and imagination, is fascinated with life in all of its dazzling facets, and believes in a positive approach to whatever may be 'out there'. Interests include: painting, photography, music and films. He likes to read about history and mythology, religion and philosophy. What interests him in art is the opportunity for sincere self-expression it may offer. He is a member of the Clan Grant whose motto is: stand fast. His personal creed is: Poetry Is Passion!

This is for all those who have strayed and searched, the ones who drifted between darkness and light, the restless and the weary, the lonely and forlorn. That they who have been lost may at last be found.

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