by Charlotte Gai Mair

I.S.B.N. 1-878431-33-1

There is nothing we could say better about this CD than that which has been said in a Canadian television interview and reviews included below:


Charlotte G. Mair


Channel 4 Television Interview with David Ingram

Television, talk show host David Ingram recently requested ThE CaMbIe RoAd PoEt , better known as Charlotte Mair, to make her television debut at Roger's Cable Studios, in North Vancouver, BC. , Monday the 16th of October.

A portly gentleman offers a warm handshake and the interview begins with David singing and coaxing Charlotte into a little song, The Tooth Song, which she had previously written for Ingram's young son . David and Charlotte then sang the afore-mentioned song, in unison, to the tune of Jingle Bells. Definitely an ice-breaker.

After sharing a chorus or two, David then launched the question, "Who is Charlotte Mair?" Holding guitar in hand, she then states, "Charlotte Mair is a 51 year old lady, singer-songwriter-poet who is trying her best to figure out how to earn a living in this world."

Then David makes mention of the fact that Charlotte has accomplished much within the past two years, with the construction of her own webpage, Charlotte's Web Page, the self-publishing of her chapbook The First Fifty Years, a studio recording and production of her four song CD, Silverado , then finally her signing of a contract with Kedco Studios, where 101 of her new poems have been published in CDROM, so named Self Portrait.

David is quite impressed with the evident determination with which Charlotte has shown by striving to achieve her goals and holds up the chapbooks, the music CDs and CDROM of poetry to then show the world what he considers to be really great achievements.

A request for song was made and Charlotte started with a tune from her new CD called Easy. Applause rings out in the studio, as the vocalist hits the final chord on a very successful performance.

On the whole this was quite an interesting and entertaining interview, proving once again the stamina of the lady known as ThE CaMbIe RoAd PoEt , Charlotte Gai Mair.

A Review by Publisher Richard M Grove at Hidden Brook Press

Charlotte Mairís, often romantic and somewhat modernized neo-classical style ...

From her poem "The Unveiling" she looks at the age old question "Dare dream on - - face the dawn / Challenge swells of angry sea? Should I / Solve the mystery ". She moves from that prototypic question to her poem entitled "FITTING IN" where she prompts us to look at more issues of self doubt with these words. "I wear them lose / and you say tight is right, / teal is the shade / hell ~~ Iíll never get it right!"

As you can see, Mairís poetry plucks at the same romantic harp strings that have pulled at us all. From her poem "Bite the Bullet" you will wonder if she over heard you scream the words that opened this review. "I don't understand, I can't understand , I'll never understand and I won't understand".

Thank you Charlotte Mair, for attempting to articulate what we have all felt at different times in our lives. I applaud her publisher Kedco Studios for taking a risk on an unknown Canadian poet, that is managing to write and get published, while the rest of us sit on our duffs and curse the system that somehow manages to keep us out.

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