by Brian K. Miller


KEDCO's latest Multimedia CD-ROM,

Greyhawk Manor is a thought-provoking and entertaining collection of poetry,
short stories and essays. This collection encapsulates the profound and
often amusing thoughts of a lifetime spent observing the world from the
neutral chasm of an expatriate life. Brian K. Miller's poems reflect a
depth and maturity seldom found in modern poetry, his short stories carry a
whimsical and delighted air of roguish adventurism, while his essays ask
questions that both enlighten and surprise. Reading this collection one can
see him smiling at his own shortcomings, and by extension, the shortcomings
of us all.

Brian K. Miller has spent his entire adult life in exotic locales. First a
military tour of duty in Hawaii which included side trips throughout the
Pacific basin, then a college education and a career teaching in Japan. His
first publication was a poem in Writer's Journal, and last year he published
the multimedia fantasy novel, "Magic Lessons", in conjunction with a
co-writer and an illustrator he met in cyberspace and has never seen face to
face. Considering the unique and challenging circumstances of his life, it
is not surprising that his writing carries such a profound undertone of
quietly amused contemplation on what it means to be human.