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GRETCHEN II (Reprogramming) ETERNAL MAN - By K.Vernon Davis

300 pages, ISBN: 1-878431-06-4



By K.Vernon Davis

Deep underground in a dark cavern in California, a Nobel Laureate, super scientist clone of the past, present, and future, awakens to save all of mankind once more.
By K.Vernon Davis
The average person must think that a publisher's job is pretty boring. Like the song in George Gershwin's America opera, "Porgy and Bess" says, "It Ain't Necessarily So." I found out a long time ago that a publisher who doesn't absolutely love to read isn't much good to himself or anyone else as a publisher. In that I am fortunate. I LOVE TOO READ. More important than that, I love to read a good well-crafted strory. I have the added benefit of getting first crack at a lot of new, unpublished material.
K.V.Davis, who is probably, every bit as mysterious as "Doctor Mark Silverman" or "Doctor Jeffery Kylin" has done it again. Now, let's face it. What could sound more boring than talking or reading about recycling radioactive waste material. Even the word "waste" doesn't sound too cool, does it? Sorta reminds one of smelly old outhouses somewhere.
So, how do you make "nuclear waste" something you'd want to read about. YOU DON'T. Instead you turn it over to K. Vernon Davis and he writes an interesting and intriquing story about it.
The United States produces and consumes over 1/3 of all the world's electrical energy even though we only have about 5% of the world's population. We are a nation of consumers.
That also means we are a nation of waste producers. We produce waste in hundred thousand ton batches and we haven't a clue as to what to do with it. Putting it nicely, we're up to our rears in alligators and we haven't even BEGUN to drain the pool.
Most of our waste material is non-toxic. Paper, plastic, cloth and I don't know what all. We are TALKING about recycling certain types of lubricating oils, glass, and paper, but our efforts in recycling don't amount to more than 1% of our need to recycle. Perhaps some future Outer Space Archeologist will say of us,"This must be the garbage dump of the universe. They smothered themselves in their own refuse." That'd be one bad epitaph for the human race wouldn't it? Well there's one worse. Through greed, ignorance and incompetence, we are fast approaching the day when we polluted our water resources and areable lands with toxic wastes and radioactive contaminates. We will have made Mother Earth uninhabitable.
This is not a "scare book", designed to frighten anyone into becoming a paranoid and psychotic recycler. Most often , FEAR is generated by ignorance ... the great unknown. Neither K.V.Davis or I are interested in generating fear. Both of us are much more interested in destroying ignorance of the unknown.
That's what K. Vernon Davis's newest "ETERNAL MAN" story is about. There ARE, viable, feasible ways of dealing with all forms of waste material. If... If only the various disciplines of science and government will work hand-in-hand toward finding solutions, the technology probably already exists... If we will only apply it.
Once again K.V.Davis amasses a bucketload of hard FACTS and works them into the woof and weave of a good yarn. There's only once Big-Time complaint that I have about his stories. He can't write them as fast as I can read them. Read this one and, like me you'll be waiting with hushed breath for the introduction to his next novel. THAT'S A PROMISE !
Publisher/General Manager

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