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By K.Vernon Davis

Published by PC CHOICE BOOKS Banner Elk NC,


1994 Book of the year award
Title; FINANCIAL SURVIVAL (For everyone)
I.S.B.N. 1-878431-03-X
Price $9.95

This title was the winner of the DPA Publishing Association non fiction "QUILL AWARD" For excellence in writing, and the non fiction PC CHOICE book of the year AWARD.

REVIEW; By Clarence Wright Jr. PC CHOICE BOOKS.
It has been said that Sir Frances Bacon was the last universal man "having knowledge in almost every field." Today's society and Technology have become far too complex for any one person to have knowledge of all things. However, Kriss Davis does his best to be an expert in a number fields. He is a successful entrepreneur, owner and manager of several businesses, he is the author of several intriguing works of fiction and now has set his mind to writing a book detailing how you can start your own businesses and run them successfully. Don't look for the heavyweight words here. His style is easy, conversational and to the point. I'm sure you'll enjoy reading it as much as I did.


Artist and advertising specialist K.V.Davis takes you step-by-step in the creation of your own business. He shows you how to bypass most of the pitfalls that cause failure and ways to help you build an annual $50,000 to $100,000 dollar personal income along the way.


Through the years we all operate in certain environments or fields of expertise. After we build an investment nest egg, or the means to go into business, we are entering an arena we know little about. The learning mistakes are costly and the need for this kind of book is obvious. It's not how much you start with, but the way it's handled by avoiding the setbacks and losses along the way.

This book takes you from the founding and building of a small East Texas company by three innovative young men, through the unusual experiments and unique expansions and profit building investments of small portions of the earnings for continued, long term money, to weather bad years. When not surviving hardships that same income made growth, expansion and the owner's lifestyles continue to double repeatedly.

This book is not a history of the company but a how-to-do-it survival manual that will work for any person, despite amount in a short period of time. Every transaction and manipulation is explained in great detail to allow one to operate in these arenas with ease and avoid the downside, (loss of capital). Some things these young men did and went through would make an interesting sit-COM. If you glance through the table of contents you'll see a wide range of knowledge is presented for everyone to use. The Self liquidating loan is a must read chapter . . .

Forming the low-cost Corporation.
Create a Fictitious Person to Help you Build Wealth.
Form, File, Structure, and Manage it from home.
A Low Cost Convenience Store
Using Small Outlays of Cash as you go to build a store From Scratch Without Franchising.
Management & Self Liquidating Loans.
Determine your company direction by knowing your own limitations.
Three-Dimensional Signs For Large Profit at Little Cost.
Where Did Self-Liqidating Loans Come From?
How to Find One.
Build Extraordinary Wealth Tax Free With Single Premium Life Policies.
Monthly Income Mutual Funds
Everything you Need To Know About AARP and A High Interest Credit Union.
Income Producing Mutual Funds
Using Both To Build Your Retirement Comfort
Precious Metals To Neutralize Inflation
A Short History Of Metals
What Is Inflation?
How To Offset The Devastation Using Precious And Strategic Metals
Bullion Coins & Penny Stocks-Protect your Pennies
Using Bullion Coins To Build Precious Metal Holdings & Profit From Them
How Precious Metals Mine Stocks Factor Up In Value Faster Than The Metal Prices
Making Direct Mail & Mail Order Work.
Don't Buy A Mailing List. You'll Waste Money And Only Be Trading Material With Persons Wanting To Sell You Something In Return.
Wealth-Building Seminars? Save Your Money.
A Transcript From An Investment Conference In The Cayman Islands
What You See Is You May Never Get.
The Distributor Base Multiply your success. Build a Base of Hardworking Dedicated People Working At Home To Help Sell & Market For You.
Publishers Addendum
An Overview of some of the like publications prepared by and for the Small Business Administration.

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