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These links will take you to some of the best free stuff pages on the Web. They contain hundreds of free offers from companies around the world. Click on the TEXT next to the smile button. Before you leave please sign my personal Guestbook. Thank you. SPECIAL NOTE: We have these books stored in other locations that will not let you upload .EXE files. All we do unless otherwise noted is change the names to .ZIP . All you have to do is rename them back to .EXE to either run (PC) files or selfextract. (All Others) None of these books are old public domain classics but are new and original books.

I have also added a free, no strings, downloadable psychology book by James Fennell to the download page. The title is, "The role of instincts in human behavior" It is very interesting and written for the average person to understand. Please go back to the main index and use the neverending books pages to find the download page for this book . Download it and take a look. It will run the self extract from your Windows file menu. Just go to run and type the drive letter and file name. . If you are looking for the free "FOOD FOR THOUGHT COOKBOOK" you're on the wrong page. You'll have to go back to the cookbook page and go to the bottom of the reviews to download it for the PC or in HTML for other computers. It will run from any browser. I have also added a free Betty Crocker cookbook that will be sent to you in the mail. It's called "Shortcut Cooking for smart cooks" This is another cookbook besides the 300 page free one by Ruby Williams. You can also get a free special copy of Microsofts Internet Explorer by clicking on the button below. It will enable you to read all of the books and information you download from other sites while you are off-line. Don't forget to use your BACK button and come back here. I have found some very useful things at the VIRTUAL FREE STUFF LINK BELOW> Take a look. There are some very good books, CDs, Software, product samples, & contests, etc. there too.

Aug. 1st. I've added a great site of the KISS PAPER DOLLS FOR YOUR CHILDREN. There are hundreds and hundreds of them of every cartoon and comic book figure you can imagine. Be sure and download the KISS viewer program and the LHA program and make a directory on your hard drive or floppy called KISS. After you expand them you can download all the paper dolls you want for the kids. Don't let them download themselves. There is a page of adult dolls, (removable undies) These are a lot of fun. Try them out.

August 30: The Free & Cool site below has undergone some changes and is not updated as often as it used to be. The truth of the free sites game is that you only need one to find hundreds of others. My favorite by far is the Virtual Free Stuff Site. Try it out first and you'll see why.
By the way. If you have a website or your own homepages somewhere you should always make it a point to sign guestbooks everywhere you surf. That's a clickable link and free advertising for your site or another favorite.

If you feel creative today you can use your back button to the main menu photo link of never-ending books and try writing a short story in our writing contest for a trophy and collection of books every month. All FUN and All FREE. There is also another download page with more free romance, fantasy, misc. stories and good books you can download from those story writing contest pages.

DownloadThe Microsoft Internet Explorer

[Button]Virtual Free Stuff Site. BE SURE AND LOOK AT THIS ONE. I like it a lot. Very useful items here.

[Button]Marketing And Tips For Self Publishers BLOG. Set up one for yourself Free If You Wish.

[button] ALL-4-FREE FREEBIE TREE. Ultimate free stuff

[button] How to write a novel in 100 days and other authors information.

[Graphic] Here's a site of some of the most beautiful graphics & backgrounds you've ever seen - All free for ANY use.

[button] CFS - Completely Free Software - Good stuff here

ALL FREE THINGS SITE - Be sure and look at the free stuff here. You can list your own site too.


You might answer a question for me. Do any of you ever pay any attention to awards? The latest one we have received was just this week. It was something from the Majon web or Bizsol called the SEAL OF EXCELLENCE AWARD as mentioned in the "Wall Street Journal"

So the question is, do you care about site awards enough to look a a special page of them or would you rather just have a free book to read next Winter when the snow is up to your eyeballs?

[ButtonOUR GUESTBOOK When you're done jumping around the web, PLEASE come back & tell me what you think.

KISS PAPER DOLLS Fun for the kids.

[Graphic] My latest freestuff discovery

[Graphic] Here is a conmmunity of older adults featuring, chat, forums, freestuff, grandparenting, etc. Seniors stuff of every kind.


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