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This unique do-it-yourself package has been designed for anyone interested in producing a quality CD that can be sold in retail outlets or on the Internet. It has been written with the absolute beginner in mind with detailed, easy to follow editing instructions for each style of fill-in-the-blanks pages and templates included. There is nothing to install and everything you need for your production is furnished completely royalty free.
With the package you can produce a first rate CD of,
1. Your entire, original novel, with fancy backgrounds, music, photographs etc. in full color.
2. A poetry collection that includes both a linear text book, and spoken recitals to make it a performance CD that you could offer at your next performance at the coffee house or group get together.
3. A collection of video clips done with your computer camera that will run on a computer or dvd player.
4. A book of short stories displayed with imaginative, original, design features.
5. A music demo of your instrumentals or songs that will play in any CD or DVD player as well as the computer in alphabetical order.
6. Your cookbook or Grandma's recipe collection in a real book format that can be printed.
7. You can produce a CD of you or your friends singing to old copyright free music converted to mp3 and share them with each other.
8. Make a photograph album of all your vacation snapshots as a backup to all the bulky photo albums you have in the closet collecting dust.
9. A beautiful CD of your artworks and paintings, crafts, etc. you have done over the years as a backup record that won't be damaged.
10. A fund raising product of material or recipes etc. contributed by members of your group to have something original and unique to be sold by the members. (Perfect for Scouts, Schools or Women's groups).
11. Perhaps simply a compact disk of video clips of the children as they grow up to share with others. (Perfect for holidays and gift giving).

If none of these projects interests you, this construction kit package itself is the perfect gift for others of a creative nature that might wish to publish themselves. They will remember you for years to come for giving such a remarkable gift that allows them to display their creative abilities to the world at such a small cost... Inc. (Ohio, USA)is an authorized retailer for.
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