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JC Right Like It Is mp3s


Cover Art by John Carmichael

Right Like It Is 
by JC (a.k.a Jake and Haystack)

"Dreamy new age guitar noodlings go with rainy days and cafes better than umbrellas and lattes. Think of Michael Hedges digging Pat Metheny's introspective side."
......Nick Dedina
"Don't know how you do it, but your music is soothing and lively at the same time.
......" Janet Buck

Recorded at Artvilla Studios

Mp3's These are not clips
1. Right Like It Is
2. Brooke
3. Spanish Steel
4. Ukelele Sunrise
5. Strings 1

6. Chicken Scratchings
7. BassRunner 1
8. Genesis
9. Mandolin Dreams

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