Janet Kuypers’ October 2017 Book Readings in Community Poetry at Austin’s Half Price Books 10/4/17

    October 4th marked a October 2017 Book Release Reading of new books from Scars Publications, which saw the release of the books “Forbidden” from cc&d magazine and “a Finch in the Window” from Down in the Dirt magazine. In this reading event with multiple readings, Janet Kuypers read performance art poetry material from both of these books, in additional to an extra haiku from “Forbidden” and two additional poems from “a Finch in the Window”.

    Janet Kuypers also read material from her 2017 book release “(pheromemes) 2015-2017 poems” as the finale to the Community Poetry @ Half Price Books reading in Austin.

[tubepress mode=’playlist’ playlistValue=’PLYa-AZK78_hok4JpRC4EGRZBpOcwxHiXP’ ]

Janet Kuypers writings read from the cc&d 10/17Forbidden”:
Erasure Poems…
the Meaning of Art
Corner Stone Against Slavery
a Declaration of Female Freedom
One of the Most Hated Women in America
a Poetic History
her haiku “unbounded

Janet Kuypers writings read from Down in the Dirt’s book “a Finch in the Window”:
origin, from the macro to the micro
violence and peace both work
This Halloween
This Halloween Again

Janet Kuypers writings read rom her book “(pheromemes) 2015-2017 poems”:
One Spring
Understanding What’s Crazy

video stills

visit http://scars.tv/av/20171004October2017
for a full listing of not only these videosm but also a series of images from this live reading.