Janet Kuypers’ Book Release & Book Reading at Half Price Books 3/1/17

    Because March 1st is the day Scars Publications releases books “Lost in America” from cc&d magazine and “What Remains” from Down in the Dirt magazine, Janet Kuypers was asked to read material from these new books in Half Price Books Community Poetry, so she made a reading of not only poems from the books “What Remains” and “Lost in America” but also selections from past cc&d book releases.

What Remains Lost in America Rhetoric and the Written Word the 23 enigma a Perfect Solitude
When the Walls are Paper Thin a Mad Escape the Curve of Arctic Air and Then he Moved Invisible Ink Shot out of a Cannon

    Below are writing links and video links from March 1st 2017 (3/1/17, or 20170301) poetry reading in Austin at Half Price Books.
    Video only recorded the fist few minutes of the show (cutting off the first poem, “Vanishing Scars”), but after the reading she did come back to the podium to read a poem slated as the final poem in her show “Exploring spring” at “Spring Awakenings” in Austin at the Bahá’í Faith Center, “Original Snowbirds”.

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Book Release & Book Reading chapbook
    Before the show started she also released an online chapbook of the writings she was making available for her to read in this poetry book reading (in the order they were to be performed). She did not distribute copies of this chapbook to the people in the audience of the bookstore (since she didn’t know how many poems selected from the books she would be able to perform in her reading), but she made sure the chapbook “Book Release & Book Reading” was available online even during her reading, so anyone could (and can) download as the chapbook as a PDF file for free any time.
    The full list of pieces selected that she read in this reading included first poems from past issue/books from cc&d magazine… Including potentially “Vanishing Scars” and “Fuming in the Morning” from 1/17Rhetoric and the Written Word”, “X-rays and Broken Hearts” from 6/16the “the 23 enigma”, “Koi Ponds and Concrete” from 5/16a perfect solitude”, “of independence or freedom” from 11-12/15When the Walls are Paper Thin”, “eight ball answers all” and “violent affair” from 5-6/15a Mad Escape”, “holding my skin together” from 1-2/15the Curve of Arctic Air”, “one summer traveled” from 7-8/14And Then He Moved”, “Each Half is the Enemy” and “explaining what condoms are for” from 5-6/14Invisible Ink”, and “Jumping from the Skyline to the Clouds” from 3-4/14Shot Out of a Cannon”. After she read those she read poems from the current book releases: her Periodic Table of Poetry bonus poem “Smelling Sulphur on Nine One One” for “What Remains”, then “newspaper ink’s the blood of a dying species” and “Quieted Soul” and lastly her Periodic Table of Poetry bonus poem “Pluto, Plutonium & Death” from “Lost in America”).