I Waited I Watched I Wanted | Poem by David Michael Jackson








I waited beside the wind for you,
in front of the storm.
Quietly I waited.
I watched for you in the shadows
that the leaves cast
as they move in the sunlight.
I wanted you to appear in the rain
beside the water
standing on Botticelli’s shell.
I waited,
I watched,
I wanted.
The phone rang.
It was Jane.
She had a great deal
on insurance.
I looked at my hand,
cupped in my lap
to catch the tears.

David Michael Jackson is the publisher of Artvilla.com and Motherbird.com…..Both websites are turning 20 in October.

David remains unpublished in print. “My poems are clouds and will disappear in the moonlight.”

dave@artvilla.com since 1998

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