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Boundless Poem

Portion of Boundlessness
By Jonathan Huey
O substitute fruit purees in oversized heart,
massacres of indigenous in Tabasco Mexico,
the oil steel industry structure,
an American Institution
like the Peace Corps or Boy Scouts,

Voodoo is the object of a life's endeavor;
for Russian aristocrats could never
comprehend the primitive language
of Aboriginal Japanese, and
female warriors of ancient Scythia,
and Punjab, and Kashmir,
and amber shadows of the pantry,

original understanding
protoplasm mind

Inferior conviction ameliorating
post-modern facade, the
breath of Artaxerxes was
notoriously foul, fleeing of
the spherical mass contained
3,000 oxen, accused of being
Basque terrorists,

He attacks the world with Spanish Bilbo,
annihilating organs lacking a
corresponding mirror image,

his name is Symmetry,

I hope to escape him-
by flourishing into invulnerable vegetation,
a mass of blossoms, or dissolving
in the wild hyacinth;
he will not find me in the blunderbuss at
the bottom of the ocean,

for I will not guard treasure,
but will only create treasure

let that be your canine tooth.

********************************************    Benthams' Calculus
By Jonathan Huey

I offer a defiant variation:

"Berlin has placed mankind
under the governance of two
equally insane masters,
the criminal larva, and crocodile ecstasy,"

I endeavor to enchant your mind
with a new systematic etiquette
beyond your ethography

what does the eunuch know of pleasure?
what does the masochist not know of pain?

The collective bestial awareness
a mentality cut-off from meaning

beyond cyanide reflection
beyond temporal bone

Spasmodic writhing
pestilential influence
from Chicago to East London,
and coffers of erectile teeth,
the bankers of fantasia-

the calculative eye
a poetic flinch,

pyramid froth
of trench warfare,

incandescent gases
of Valhalla

secret society
of the common leech,

needles in
vertical position,

these variations I offer,
as a salute to creativity
beyond a bipolar understanding
of human existence,

repeating decimals
are rhino droppings
in mathematical mind,

and I am a soybean,
beyond pleasure and pain.  

©2000 Jonathan Huey

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