How to Paint an Abstract Painting


Abstract paintings can be painted in the same way as the old paintings were, by constant revision. This is nothing more than an expression of the premise that only the top layer shows.

The painting started with this: It is important to start. That is all.

how to paint an abstract  phase 1

It appears that the second phase was to add color to the starting design, odd faces so far.

how to paint an abstract painting phase 2

I didn’t like the faces so I add blobs of color to obscure them. The paintings stayed this way for weeks.

how to paint an abstract painting phase 3

Then one day I came home with three big tubes of paint and used a painting knife to apply paint like I was applying frosting to a cake. I used up all the paint in a few minutes. Then I spread a light green background using a whole tube of white paint in a real hurry.
Bonehead here didn’t take the last photo like he should have. He just photographed both, put them in the stack and published them here

nowhere painting

Fast Painting

Yeah they are flipped around. Determining which way is up is a part of an abstract painting. One way might look like a dog, one way might look like nothing at all or a landscape.
The only real lesson as far as art goes is that the only layer that shows is the top layer and that plans can change and adapt and that energy and enthusiasm are as important as plans. I’ll leave it to others to portray the world in paint and to exhibit the training or talent of the hands. I’ll leave it to others to approach art with a plan or a goal. I don’t care if that resigns my art to the trash. It’s not up to the artist to decide such things. All expression is a sand castle to be washed away by time.

Some close-ups, Click on these:

close up of art 01

art close up 02


david michael jackson whoever he is.