History of the Ghost Poem by Ward Kelley

History of the Ghost
Ward Kelley

The ghost observes his daughter graduate
from college, receiving her degree in

history; to his view she appears entirely
too young to be accepting this diploma,

she still seems to be ten years old, with
eyes who could look upon the ghost and

see only good, see the man devoid of all
his flaws, and it was this flaw of her own

sight that made the ghost worship her, for
no one else had ever sustained this degree

of admiration for such a long time, indeed
time usually diminished such acceptance,

turning most others into eventual endorsement
of all his ghostly properties . . . and here she

goes, in awkward gown, walking forcefully
toward the podium, her eyes tilted to an odd

degree, as though she saw the ghost hovering
at her elbow, thanking her ever so reverently.