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Golden Years Poem


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Golden Years?

 By Charlotte Mair


Monday zoooooooooom ________ Friday __ too fast!

Another second, minute, hour, day … year

All roll into one___ six decades


Remaining the same? Outside begs to differ

Ghosts walk the id __ blinding-paralyzing

A frost bitten stagnation, motoring through the maze


Fallen, lame __ dragged through mud and decay

Scarred, riveted by hot tongues of fire

Lame, crawling, reaching __ blindfolded


Ever pressing, depressing, stressing

Through a needle eye of hope

Veiled paradox __ clamoring __ unsung




© 11/12/2010 CG Mair


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 Golden Years copyright © 2010 by Charlotte Mair, All rights reserved

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