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Paul Gilbert is Canadian. He is the publisher and founder of 
Above Ground Testing a well known Poetry magazine on the Internet. We welcome Paul both as a poet and as our guest Publisher.

Stay With Me Tonight
By Paul Gilbert

Stay with me tonight
Stay with me tonight,
allow our love full expression
let us move slowly
to this experience called
not fumbling quickly
and lose the sense of
but slowly, slowly
growing in the grace
of each other's presence.
stay with me tonight,
let us begin a journey
of discovery
with each other.

Cafe Expression
At the table
outside the cafe
I sit by myself
wanting you 
to stop and talk.
we'll put on our shades
and share another round
watching the steam rise
from each other's latte.
we will share some words
a few jokes
and opinions.
then you'll leave
I'll watch you go,
studying the delightful
way you walk.
and I will know
it's been a good day.

© 1998 Paul Gilbert

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