Free Mp3 Recordings

Free Mp3 Recordings
Laura Longon 
David Michael Jackson
Jake and Haystack
Janet Kuypers with DMJ Art Connection
 Poetry with Music
Elisha Porat
John Horvath
Janet Buck
Summer Breeze
Miscellaneous Poetry Readings

These Free mp3 recordings have been up for many years now. They are widely played on other files sharing sites like There are 20,000 links to us from there as we turn up in many searches. We receive thousands of requests each day from sites like

The so called “free music” sites don’t store music these days. They index URLS , web addresses or links to free music. In other words

“I don’t have Michael Jackson, Joe has it. Here is Joe’s address, arrest him.  I can stream it from Joe if you like?”

The file sharing sites just link to others who put up illegal free music. They link to so many that it would be hard to round them all up, so to speak.
The situation leads to opportunity for the unknown artist to be played. Since there is such policing of the net by the music industry, there are actually not that many songs by the big stars at these sites. Because of this fact, the software from these sites fill in spaces with unknowns.
The people in China or Russia are not as familiar with the “stars” so they play us and are pleased to get American Music.
The music industry is not being damaged by stolen music. The internet is populated by unknown artists with play buttons who don’t give a damn for sales, who just want someone, anyone, to listen. The internet is the new “radio” and the stars “ain’t on it”
Greed ruined boxing and we don’t know the boxer’s names. Look out music industry. How many “stars” are there. When we watch the awards we don’t know half these folks. They don’t sing on TV any more. Michael Jackson had to get on TV and show his talent. When has Justin  sang us a song?  We have diluted our liquor.


david michael jackson   june 22, 2012