Still Life Paintings for Sale Online

Still life paintings for sale online Still life paintings represent inanimate objects which often are symbolic in nature. Still lives can be apples, oranges, fruit, ascots, flowers faith, old shoes, chair, anything not moving. The representation of Apples on the table can be sublime. A still life is a basic form of art for a beginner but most practiced artists return to it often. Again, an Apple is a symbolic form in a basic form to start with and, many artists do start with an Apple annotating and a bowl of fruit. In its basic form, a still life painting represents form, , color and light and is a basic study of life and light, negative spaces and shadow. Still life painting is a decorative and yet is considered fine art when applied by hand such as C├ęzanne. In the home still life painting goes well in the dining room, the foyer or living room. The hope is that you enjoy these still lifes and that you will return for more.

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