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Oil paintings for sale buy online. Landscapes, Impressionism, portraits, abstract art, they all lend themselves to oils. The layering of oils dates to the 16th century and produces a translucence unavailable and other media. Oil paintings take a long time to dry. This means that you can work a long time in between stages and translucent places can be applied. There are rules. The thinner layers must be painted first and the thicker paint added later. In many ways it’s a forgiving medium and can allow the work to evolve slowly or fast. There is always a process to oil painting and each artist developed his own methods. Oil is suited for painting outdoors because it doesn’t mix with water. The invention of oil paint packaged tubes in the middle of the 19th century created the ability for artists to paint outside and help to create the impressionist era. Translucent son layering of oil paint is also important an abstract Expressionism as evidenced by Rothko and others. Oil paintings for sale is our game we’re glad you came!

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