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Landscape paintings for sale online. Landscapes often take time and always require a motif. Whether it’s a river or creek or fee or mountain stream or forest, the landscape has always been a part of art. It is arts mirror to the earth. It is meant to represent the scene, as a background to the human scene going on in the foreground. Landscape art is a representation of the lay of the land spoken in layers on the canvas. The sky is often important in the landscape as well as water and mountains. The color blue itself is important in the history of art in the Renaissance. A landscape is a memory because the land is always changing. It seeks to remind you of nature, to represent nature and, often, the moment, the singular moment. Landscape paintings for sale is a modern term for an old form of art. Thank you for visiting this art. A good landscape is still good seen as a thumbnail. In many ways that’s the Internet’s way shopping for art. I hope that’s why you drop by, shop for art, look at the landscapes and enjoy the scenery. Thank you so much for your visit.

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