Impressionist Paintings for Sale

Impressionist paintings for sale, modern Impressionist art is as much a category as a genre. The term is a catchall for almost any realistic modern art. The history of Impressionism follows the invention of the camera. Technology moves art. Art as a profession changed as the camera was used to make portraits. Art had to change. In many ways beauty became the option, pretty pictures for the rich man’s wall led to beautiful art. Impressionists seek to capture the moment, the shadows, the sunset, the light on white cloth such as a dress. Art is always about the light and how it affects an object, a landscape, a person. The momentary glance, the field. From Monet to van Gogh, the Impressionist movement began a move toward color, bright color. You cannot paint an Apple you can only paint painting and Apple, they are two different things. Art seeks not to capture life, nature, but to be beautiful on its own, for beauty’s sake. Impressionist art for sale:

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