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Wolf Vostell Artist Documentaries and Videos

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Famous Modern Artists..... Wolf Vostell
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Masterworks/ Wolf Vostell/ Miss America,1968 (in english)

Masterworks/ Wolf Vostell/ Miss America,1968 (in english)

Wolf Vostell, Elektronischer dé-coll/age Happening Raum, 1968

Wolf Vostell, 1968, Interview

Wolf Vostell 'Electronic Dé-coll/age, Happening Room'

Wolf Vostell. VIDA = ARTE = VIDA

Wolfe Vostell Remake

What is Fluxus?

Nam June Paik - Global Groove, 1973

Yoko Ono, Paik, Vostell,...Fluxus-Happening-Artists, 1990


TV-Bericht von 1992 über Wolf Vostell

De lo natural a lo cotidiano: Wolf Vostell (1932 - 1998)

Ruhender Verkehr, von Wolf Vostell, 1969, Köln

Wolf Vostell / WDR-Dokumentation Köln 1968 (HQ/Stereo)

Wolf Vostell sembró el campo extremeño de arte

Wolf Vostell,Happening Auto-Fieber, 1973, Berlin

wolf vostell document

Wolf Vostell, Endogen Depression (1980) Music by David Vostell, 2014

Wolf Vostell / La Sibérie d'Estremadure (III), 1983

The Goodbye in Wolf Vostell Fluxus Sculpture

Wolf Vostell - TV-Montparnasse: A Possible Survey on Video

Wolf Vostell Ausstellung 1993

Wolf Vostell - Elektronischer de-coll/age. Happening raum, 1968

Wolf Vostell, Reisewege zur Kunst - Extremadura, 1982

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