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Sol LeWitt Artist Documentaries and Videos

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Famous Modern Artists..... Sol LeWitt
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Sol LeWitt to Eva Hesse - Read by Benedict Cumberbatch

Sol LeWitt to Eva Hesse - Read by Benedict Cumberbatch

Sol LeWitt Interview

Landmarks Features: Veronica Roberts on Sol LeWitt


Sol LeWitt : Books as Structure / Books as System

Sol LeWitt: The Well-Tempered Grid

Paul Klein on How to Succeed as an Artist

Frank Stella - 1972

The Case for Conceptual Art

Documental sobre la exposición Sol LeWitt. 17 Wall Drawings. 1970-2015 | Fundación Botín

Art Institute Installations: Wall Drawing #1111 by Sol LeWitt

ARTIST ROOMS: Sol LeWitt Wall Drawing #1136 Installation At Turner Contemporary

Voronoi Tesselation Cloud Mural

Art Institute Installations: Scribbles by Sol LeWitt

Ed Ruscha – The Tension of Words and Images | Artist Interview | TateShots

Installation of the Sol LeWitt room

Artists on Artists Lecture Series Joachim Koester on Sol LeWitt

Sol LeWitt artist's books

Time Lapse of Sol LeWitt's "Wall Drawing #797" | Blanton Museum of Art

'Wall Drawing #1136' by Sol LeWitt

Untangling the puzzle of Sol LeWitt’s open cubes

Conversation, Sol LeWitt Wall Drawings: Maintaining a Legacy

Public Art Fund Talks at The New School: Working with Sol LeWitt

STEAM: Sol LeWitt Unveiled

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