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Roberto Matta Artist Documentaries and Videos

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Famous Modern Artists..... Roberto Matta
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Two Generations: Roberto Matta & Federica Matta Exhibition (English Version)

Two Generations: Roberto Matta & Federica Matta Exhibition (English Version)

Roberto Matta work at Tate Modern, London (May 2011)

The Art of Roberto Matta - Welcome to Nancy's Nails Salon

Matta at Christie's, NYC (Nov 2011)

Roberto Matta at Sotheby's/Christie's-1, NYC (May 2007)

Matta: paintings from the 1960s

Matta, Un Siglo D Mente | Documental + Extras

Documental Roberto Matta - Puerta a otra dimensión (1996)

Roberto Matta

Roberto Matta

Obra del pintor chileno Roberto Matta ("Creaciones" - 1991)

Roberto Matta at Christie's and Sotheby's-1, NYC (Nov 2010)

Roberto Matta

Roberto Matta - Fango Original 3D

Roberto Sebastian Matta all'Auditorium. Video di Maria Teresa de Vito

Roberto Matta at Christie's and Sotheby's-2, NYC (Nov 2010)

Roberto Matta work at MoMA, NYC (July 2009)

Roberto Matta at Sotheby's 1, NYC May 2010

Roberto MATTA ? Joaquín RODRIGO

Roberto Matta at Sotheby's/Christie's-2, NYC (May 2007)

Matta: paintings from the 1940s

Robert Matta's original oil "Sans Titre"

Roberto Matta

Documental Claudio Bravo: "La pupila del alma" (Hugo Arévalo)

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