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Raoul Hausmann Artist Documentaries and Videos

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Famous Modern Artists..... Raoul Hausmann
Raoul Hausmann Wikipedia----- Raoul Hausmann 5 Artworks Bio and amp Shows on Artsy----- Raoul Hausmann artnet-----

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Raoul Hausmann - Poemes Phonetiques

Raoul Hausmann - Poemes Phonetiques

Raoul Hausmann: Soundreel

Raoul Hausmann - Poème Phonétique

Hannah Höch

Raoul Hausmann Pastiche creation HD

Raoul Hausmann Poemes Phonetiques

Hans Richter: Rhythmus 21 (1921)

Hannah Höch, Cut with the Kitchen Knife, 1919-20

Dada and Cabaret Voltaire

The Nonsensical Art of Dada | Dadaism | LittleArtTalks

Indigenous Contemporary Art

How long does it take to paint these paintings

Gadji Beri Bimba

Stoeffler's Famous Art History Bites

¿Que es el dadaísmo?

Jean (Hans) Arp

Raoul Hausmann - Phonemes.wmv

Raoul Hausmann

Dadaism -- Interviews with Max Ernst,Hans Richter and Raoul Hausmann.

Raoul Hausmann: R.L.Q.S. Varie En 3 Cascades

Dadascope Hans Richter 1961 Pt1

Raoul Haussmann in one minute-ish

kp'erioum (1946 recording)

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