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Juan Villafuerte Artist Documentaries and Videos

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Famous Modern Artists..... Juan Villafuerte
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Se niegan más maquiladoras a parar labores: Juan Villafuerte líder obrero

Se niegan más maquiladoras a parar labores: Juan Villafuerte líder obrero

Boosting Productivity and Advice for Young Artists - Draftsmen S1E02

Letter From a Frustrated Artist - Draftsmen S1E11

The Dead End Artist

CGI Artists Battle to Make Art Before Their Laptop Batteries Die!

Making Money as an Artist - DraftsmenS1E17

How to Make a Living as an Artist (Even If your Art Sucks)

My Favorite Artist is a Terrible Person but I Love their Work


The ONLY 6 reasons ANYONE would EVER care about your art.

Imagine Your Audience Naked | Juan Miguel Severo | TEDxDiliman

Teorya ng Paglikha | Juan Miguel Severo | TEDxDiliman

Artists Being The Funniest People Ever

18 Artists Who Use Illusions To Trick Your Eye

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