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Howard Hodgkin Artist Documentaries and Videos

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Famous Modern Artists..... Howard Hodgkin
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Sir Howard Hodgkin on his life, work and mortality (2014) - Newsnight Archives

Sir Howard Hodgkin on his life, work and mortality (2014) - Newsnight Archives

A Personal Portrait of Howard Hodgkin

Howard Hodgkin in India: A short documentary on the British artist

Howard Hodgkin In Conversation

Howard Hodgkin: Last Paintings at Gagosian Grosvenor Hill, London

Howard Hodgkin A ???·??? (1932 – 2017) Prints Contemporary British

Maggi Hambling's Habit of Subverting Expectations | Brilliant Ideas Ep. 43


David Hockney at the Royal Academy, London

Joe Bradley: Eric's Hair at Gagosian Beverly Hills

Artist Callum Innes – 'I'm Curious About Colour' | TateShots

Howard Hodgkin: In the Pink at Gagosian Hong Kong

Howard Hodgkin on beauty and his paintings making people smile

Howard Hodgkin: From Memory at Gagosian Madison Avenue, New York

Behind-the-Scenes with Howard Hodgkin's As Time Goes By: Part II

Behind-the-Scenes Part III: Howard Hodgkin in Conversation with Dorothy Kosinski

Howard Hodgkin | Andrew Graham-Dixon and Andrew Marr in conversation with Charlotte Mullins

Howard Hodgkin ???·??? (1932 – 2017) IndianLeaves&Waves Contemporary British

Howard Hodgkin Interview

Howard Hodgkin on being in the studio

Howard Hodgkin

Portrait of the Artist 1984-87 Howard Hodgkin National Portrait Gallery

Howard Hodgkin in India: 'Looking for Something Else'

Howard Hodgkin ???·??? (1932 – 2017) Indian Collection Contemporary British

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