Early Artvilla

I have decide to talk more, to run my mouth as if I haven’t already. I have decided that most of you are at work and have no Facebook or Youtube and you are just bored enough to read me. Thanks to all employers for giving Artvilla a boost.

I find myself missing the html pages. To many of you those are just letters. So you’ll know the difference here is The Rower by Seymour Shubin, a great poem.  As you can see, the old html format was downright beeeeuuutiful.
Why change?

The new format is WordPress and PHP…..an automatic way to make standardized web pages with sidebars on every page. Quite honestly it took a lot of time to do it the old way and there are no sidebars and more button clicking for the user. All the new features of the new way are wonderful but technology always leaves something behind. All day today I will add suggestions for our thousands of pages from 1998 through 2011.

Here is our most visited page from 1998 until today. It is a place all it’s own and does not need referral. It gets it’s traffic from search engines. It was published in 1998. It is a phrase people ask for every day, a see you poem, an every time I see you poem, a combination of words that clicked in many arrangement of some of those word, our Every time I see you poem

Early poems include early poets who I wish would return like Marilyn McIntyre, poets who dont’t know how good they are like Joan Pond and wonderfully productive and creative writers like Janet Kuypers. Great poets I can’t seem to squeeze poems out of,  like Andy Derryberry.

Artvilla’s associations with her sister site Motherbird.com has brought associations with poets like Ken Peters, Daisy Sidewinder, and Dandelion De La Rue and Summer Breeze and many others.

The earliest poems were without much decoration, like The Squirrel…………Wayne Jackson…Thousand and thousands of children have asked for a squirrel poem over the years. I’ve always said that I keep this site up for my brother’s squirrel poem and it’s true.  The same story is true of my cloud poem. The squirel and cloud poems have waxed and waned in Google for many years but have been staples for children since 1998. Other people became rich on this net and I gave the kids a squirrel poem and a cloud poem. At least they are good ones.