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Well it’s poetry we like but when it comes to poetry in a song  few come close to David Ball. I first encountered David Ball after Carol Nelson’s review  here at Artvilla in 1998 of The Songs of Jimmie Rodgers ….A Tribute. It was Carol who then introduced me to David Ball and these words became bonded in my synapses. With David Ball I didn’t come in with Thinkin’ Problem, I came in with:

Hangin’ in

Hanging on

Once you let go then it’s gone

with some faith and some trust

there is still a future for us

hangin’ in

hanging on

After 1998 I met Chris Carmichael on the golf course and was honored with a golf outing with Chis and David. Imagine meeting a hero. Seeing David Ball hit a long fade was sweet!

Here is David Ball’s Facebook page and David’s Myspace Page

Hey speaking of synapses Hot water Pipes is burning it’s way in there as we speak.

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David Ball “Hot Water Pipe” from his latest album “Sparkle City”. . Davids band, The Pioneer Playboys, features Troy Cook Jr. on guitar, Billy Pierce on bass, and Scott Metko on drums. The Playboys played on all the Sparkle City tracks.
Here is David Ball’s Youtube channel.
I find David Ball’s Youtube site to be a true taste of America as he shares his homemade videos with us of the travels and shows. It’s a special site that is truly American.
Here is a selection:


We do love words so here are some older hits:



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