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Wait in Vain Poem

K.R. Copeland

1) A Wait in Vain

There you stood, naked babe in the wood,
a crown of ferns around your nest-like head.
Your arms outstretched, with palms up-turned toward sky.
A smile at play upon your patient face, anticipating birds of paradise
which never came, of course, still there you stood
for hours, days and weeks, night after night,
awaiting signs of some enlightened life,
a wait in vain, none came but squirrels and mice.

(prev. published Atomicpetals)

2) Remembering if I Remember

Diversions drip from dirty lips
slip past chins and dribble
towards assorted nipples.
Pass the salt
shaker, mover, groove-monkey,
lover needs a new baguette.
Bananas float in whipped cream bliss,
dreams amiss, a stick of color
me, a berry-blue.
Dab of napkin, swab of sin,
erotic, toxic-licked your skin
is honey,  umber hued,
if I remember.

3) Religious Movement

Sand on the lips
and the hands
are roaming
under the skirt
of a church
girl, combing
satinish panties
in search of answers--
candidly thanking
the Lord.

4) Them's Some Handsome Hands
(Inspired by the writings of Gertrude Stein)

Handsome hands sometimes sunder
under understated stands,
overwhelm me, whelm me over
clover, lover, over, O!
Them's some handsome hands.

(prev. published Seeker Magazine)

5) When the Written Word Conjures Concupiscence

The love poem you wrote me
in your signature chicken-scratch style
rendered my legs limp linguini
instantly, caused my lips to drip
and I spent twenty-seven seconds
in heaven's crest.

(prev. published The American Muse)

K.R. Copeland is a south-paw poet from the mid-west. Her
work, which ranges from formal to experimental, heady to absurd, has been featured in many fine publications, such as, Glass Tesseract, Niederngasse, Snow Monkey, Moxie, The American Muse, and Unlikely Stories. K.R. is also the judge for the Beginnings Magazine poetry competitions 2002.

Background art, "The Kiss" by David Michael Jackson

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