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AAA Poetry concur


"I Concur" and Others
by John Andrew Durler

Lost Thoughts ( 8/24/99 )

roof top breeze, summer's air
sad webs recoiling around my soul
tighter, a touch of fake joy
a rebelling tree stands along
many others, blushing red
sun crystals in and out of
forest's mists bring peace
heart unsettled, bad medicine
treats my decaying mind
mountain shadows, rolling
thunder opens another door
to be able to see is only 
a dream, I ache to know...


Charming water drops
inviting beauty
peaceful thoughts
I breathe

The guru of mind
chilling memories
creeping snail
I breathe

Morning sunset
wild cat's laughter
shocking screams
I breathe

Slow filtering
washed away negative
sailing away
I breathe

A simple smile
afternoon delight
a woman's joyful tear
I breathe

And to think
only a moment
passing by 
I breathe...

Copyright, Gady, 1999

Unknown horizon, matters not
peaceful huts, shadows dance
colors mix, trees swing
piles of hay surround
my home, my haven
sacred ceremonies
distant hillsides
harmony sleeps
quietly, open
fields capture
this moment.


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