Buying and selling art on the Internet is not easy these days. In the early days of the Internet it took a lot of technical knowledge to be there but that is not the case now. The proliferation of the media itself has meant that finding art is like finding a needle in an art haystack. Selling art on the Internet as a matter of separating yourself from the crowd and boy is there a crowd. Fine art is rare and hard to produce and imitators are many. Saatchi, the big guy of the industry, many thousands of artists and a great name in art full of history and famous names. It is well worth a visit and your business. It offers a 35% commission to artists. The artist ships and Saatchi send someone to pick it up. Ugallery.....A curated gallery which is also been around for a long time and serves a large collection of artists. Emery's fine art gallery is a collection of fine art and fine art prints for sale that have now become available on the Internet from a collector in Tennessee. original art for sale at Artvilla... An old and respected name and e-zine, on the Internet since 1998 is slowly becoming a store for original art. Original Artwork for Sale | Buy Art Online-Art For Sale Original Zatista....Zatista is another well-respected online art gallery with curated art. They offer a fine selection in a blog format and are very prominent in social media.