Janet Kuypers’ September 2017 Book Release Reading at Austin’s Half Price Books 9/6/17

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    September 6th marked a September 2017 Book Release Reading of new books from Scars Publications, which saw the release of the books “a Pick for the Future” from cc&d magazine and “Carpool” from Down in the Dirt magazine.

    Beause May-August 2017 issue collection books were also released from Scars Publications, Janet Kuypers also had the opportunity to read selections from one of the performance art sections within the cc&d issue collection book “Nothing Lasts” as well as haiku and poetry from the Down in the Dirt issue collection book “Random Thoughts”.

    Because there was additional time at the end of the multi-feature poetry reading event, Janet Kuypers also read material from her 2017 book release “(pheromemes) 2015-2017 poems” as the finale to the Community Poetry @ Half Price Books reading in Austin.

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Janet Kuypers writings read from “a Pick for the Future”:
Mapping the Way to True Love
Years, Centuries, Eons

Janet Kuypers writings read from “Carpool”:
Exempt from the Draft
You Know What I’m Talking About (2016 grateful edition)
Only an Observer

Janet Kuypers writings read from “Nothing Lasts”:
a New Life
My First Time
Falling from the Sky
Questioning Creativity Through the Cosmos

Janet Kuypers writings read from “Random Thoughts”:
out there
ever get it back
Oh, She Was a Woman

Janet Kuypers writings read from “(pheromemes) 2015-2017 poems”:
Verge on Meditation
Elusive Imaginary Creature
Newspaper Ink’s the Blood of a Dying Species
Your Imaginary Soul Weighs 21 Grams
The Truth is Out There
Visions Were Justified

visit http://scars.tv/av/20170906September2017Book_Release_readings_at_Half_Price_Books_Release_readings_at_Half_Price_Books.htm for a full listing of not only these videosm but also a series of images from this live reading.

Robert Hass Poet. Translator

Robert Hass is one of contemporary poetry’s most celebrated and widely-read voices. In addition to his success as a poet, Hass is also recognized as a leading critic and translator, notably of the Polish poet Czeslaw Milosz and Japanese haiku masters Basho, Buson and Issa. Critics celebrate Hass’s own poetry for its clarity of expression, its conciseness, and its imagery, often drawn from everyday life.

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Janet Kuypers Video Haiku

Professional performance artist Janet Kuypers (http://www.janetkuypers.com) is a writer, photographer and professional singer and published, editing 2 literary magazines while running Scars Publications (http://scars.tv), publishing magazines, books & CDs. She has 80+ books published (poetry, prose, novels, art), sung in 3 bands, and her CD releases (40+ in 2010) appear at iTunes & other online vendors. She ran an Internet radio station from 2005-2009, & now hosts a weekly poetry open mic in Chicago(http://www.chaoticarts.org/thecafe), with weekly Podcasts.