Dreams of David Michael Jackson

Pollockary by David Michael Jackson

Website Design Search Engine Optimization Poem

I’ll design me a website
and tell the world to click here
and Nirvana will popup
and you can subscribe to karma
and peace
and buy baskets weaved of silken thread
and harps
yes, harps and copper angels.
I’ll put this website on the internet,
the web,
and I will call it Artvilla,
and the spiders will crawl its strands
and I will publish
poems for children to find in the night,
and I will optimize the search engines
for my brother’s squirrel poem
or the rabbit fell into the hole and space followed him
I will build this website and they will come
to read,
in the night,
and Nirvana will popup
and they can subscribe to karma
and peace
and buy baskets weaved of silken thread
and harps
yes, harps and copper angels.

david michael jackson


Pressure Washing | Poem | Pressure Wash my World

pressure washing poem

Pressure Washing Poem

Pressure wash my world
Make it clean
like the snow used to be,
like the water used to run down the mountains
and into the valleys.
Wash the corners where the crowded animals hide.
Wash the barns where the pigs stand mouth to tail.
Clean the barns where the chickens lay sick eggs
between crooked feet in the cage.
Pressure wash the bats in the market of death
and in the bags of the poachers.
Pressure wash the ones who cut those trees,
clean them,
bleach them.
Turn the stream around on those
who use water jets
pressure washing the natives
until the land is stripped
and the demons are released
to get their

Pressure Washing Poem by David Michael Jackson

Pressurewashing Clarksville, Tn

It’s Not Over ’til It’s Over | Poem

It’s not over ’til it’s over in New York, Kentucky
It’s not over ’til it’s over in California, Kansas
It’s not over ’til it’s over for the homeless
for the blacks
for those in cages
for those behind bars
for the soldier
It’s not over ’til it’s over for those without insurance
It’s not over ’til it’s over for the nursing homes
It’s not over ’til it’s over for the nurses
for the doctors
for the sales clerks
for the workers everywhere

It’s not over ’til it’s over
for an old man,
afraid to go out.

David Michael Jackson

The Metaphor of the Wind Poem 2020

diptych in red yellow and blue
David Michael Jackson

The poem needs a blog
and the blog a poem.
The New Year needs
a poem tossed to the winds,
the vague,
the invisible
the unmasked wind,
the metaphor wind,
announcing the metaphor sunrise
in an old blog
from an old man
in a new year.

These words are stored with magnetic spots
that are neither black nor white
nor laying on the pages of a book
waiting for the wind
from the window
to turn the page.
These words are there
to scroll by and be gone,
their movement
leaving metaphor winds
in a room.

….David Michael Jackson

Plumber Poem | by David Michael Jackson

plumber poem

There I was
under the house again
crawling in water
toward a tiny stream,
a small waterfall
between a crawlspace and a wet hell,
because the commode is a water devil.
Feed me water, it says,
or take a ride to a gas station, friend!

I approach the leak,
crawling in a leak creek,
avoiding the call to the plumber,
between a crawlspace and a wet hell,
dragging my wet tools minus the one I need,
minus the one tool the plumber know that he needs,
or she, should she also be
crawling between a crawlspace and a wet hell
with the tool that
I don’t have.

I approach the leak,
which only drips at me now,
I approach with my vast knowledge gained from
minutes of watching videos, with my
shark bites, my compression fittings,
my torch, my solder, my flux,
minus that tool I missed in the video.

“Blast ye Gods of human plumbing distress I cry!”
as I turn wet and humbled,
as I drag myself
toward that small rectangular hole
at the end of a long dark wet
crawl, hoping nothing is moving ahead of me.
“Who needs a plumber!”
I call as I emerge
flat on my back exhausted in the sunshine,
and hear the words,
“I need to go to the bathroom.”


Plumber Poem by David Michael Jackson 2019

Plumbing Clarksville

Artistic Intent | Statements and Modern Art | Is it the Art or the Words?

“He seeks to represent a didactic response to conceptual perception, preferring to represent color as an alternative to concept rather than as a denial of form.”  WTF?
The painting presented might be pink marshmallows with toothpicks and ribbons. We, the public, are told that we should weep when viewing a Rothko, that Pollock had such control of his “drip” and that we are to understand the statement of intent and connect it to these pink marshmallows. The pink marshmallows may be really good art and it may remind you of that pink chiffon blouse that your Aunt Mabel wore and you buy the art. When you show it to your friends, do you mention a didactic response or Aunt Mabel? Whose “meaning” for the painting is more valid, yours or that of the artist? Which is more interesting, the realization of intent or the magic of individual perception?
When we view the cave art from 35,000 years ago, we discuss and guess the intent but we celebrate the wonderful realization of the art and perception. What was the intent of Michelangelo’s David, the Mona Lisa? Those artists didn’t have to write one. The intent may have been evident in the art. We are left to determine what is said by more concrete evidence in the art than today. The Impressionists didn’t have to say anything, the Cubists were quiet. Even Marcel Duchamp didn’t have to say, “I declare this urinal to be art.” Words were written by others. The artist just put it in front of you and the newspaper would decode the intent.
Modern Art seems to require a resume and words that let us know that the artist has taken a journey we don’t quite understand. Left alone in the museum, we’ll gravitate on our own based upon perception and not intent.

When I visited the Louvre as a young serviceman, I didn’t know what I was seeing. It seemed to my green uneducated eyes that a lot of churches in the past seemed to want a picture of the Crucifixion. All seemed to have the same intent. When your intent is to paint the king, your intent is to please the king. The impressionists also seemed to have the same impressionist intent, to represent the moment. When the art is a radical departure, it needs no statement.
So why is the statement of intent so important today in the art world? The importance of words is right here on this modern page. Art has always been about the words, the discussion. Visit an opening and it feels like a bunch of people standing around talking. It’s not that the art is secondary but modern art needs the words. Duchamp’s urinal is no longer a urinal. It’s art because he said it was, the gallery owner let him say it and the paper wrote about it. The public is informed and educated with words.

Is it the art or the words? The first words on the art are the name of the artist. In that regard, it’s the words. Without the right words there, the statement of intent is for the gallery owner. “Here is what I was going for” and here is my resume. Art has become a job for which we apply.
If we make it, the words tell the public when to weep.


david-michael-jackson by Kyle Baker

David Michael Jackson is the Publisher of Artvilla and other websites. He’s a poet, a musician and outsider artist. “I write a poem when the blog needs one. It’s like getting on the road without a destination. The poem seems to go somewhere on its own. I like to paint with no intent other than to put paint on the canvas. The next day, I’ll change it without knowing why except that it’s not “there”.  If I’m my only customer I want to discover something or at least go looking . My latest abstract is Painting with No Up or Down. It’s up to you what it means.”