Untangle my World | Poem

Untangle my World Poem

My hair is tangled
as I run my fingers through it
and I hold it out from my head
to cut or brush
away my loneliness.
Armed with just my brush
to untangle my world,
the tangled hair
catches the bristles
as I brush the mess
for a moment
into smooth lines
in the mirror.
Even curls can’t
cover the furrows
in my forehead,
in my soul,
but I try
because I must try.
We must try.

By David Michael Jackson

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It’s Not Over ’til It’s Over | Poem

It’s not over ’til it’s over in New York, Kentucky
It’s not over ’til it’s over in California, Kansas
It’s not over ’til it’s over for the homeless
for the blacks
for those in cages
for those behind bars
for the soldier
It’s not over ’til it’s over for those without insurance
It’s not over ’til it’s over for the nursing homes
It’s not over ’til it’s over for the nurses
for the doctors
for the sales clerks
for the workers everywhere

It’s not over ’til it’s over
for an old man,
afraid to go out.

David Michael Jackson

Corona Poem | Everything’s Fine








The day had started with
spraying Clorox on the mailbox
and virus infected mail
and the trip to the ATM to get dirty money
obtained by touching a screen
touched by many hands.

I wiped the disease ridden cart
and pushed it into Walmart.
It preferred to circle the store
by turning to the left.

As the cart led me around Walmart
to the left,
to the left,
let’s go to the left,
I selected infested products
put on shelves by humans
and I passed by other humans,
breathing, breathing,
touching things.
I soon had a contaminated cart
full of contaminated items
and I was ready to use
another contaminated touch screen
and bring these diseased items

into my house.

Everything’s fine.

I’ll Be Thinking of You

The sun comes up into a quiet sky
and the birds seem to float on by
When the sunlight hits the morning dew
I’ll be thinking of you.

When the wind catches the trees just right
and they sway gently in the soft sunlight.
When the shadows fall grey and blue
I’ll be thinking of you.

When the sun hits the top of the sky
and the day seems to rush on by,
Whenever I see a sky of blue
I’ll be thinking of you.

When the day fades into a setting sun
and the twilight sky has just begun,
when the moonlight seems yellow and blue,
I’ll be thinking of you.

With the sunset comes the nightime sky
and the wispy clouds float on by,
when the stars shine bright and true
I’ll be dreaming of you.

2011 Music by David Michael Jackson and Andy Derryberry in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Girl-with-Cat-and-Dog-Painting….David Michael Jackson

Passenger Creek Poem by David Michael Jackson

Sugar Camp Hollow
by David Jackson

We were raised in Sugar Camp Hollow
on Passenger Creek
where them reb soldiers camped it is
and the confederate gold is buried there
or so the story goes

and I knew you there
and you and I both knew
to leave those grounds
where the small creek meets Passenger.
We both knew to leave
those grounds
before dark.
You and I
shared the secrets of Sugar Camp Hollow,
them rebs,
that gold.

The neighbor Simpson
told the tale,
his skinny fingers
waving, pointing to that
spot where the springs
flow to create that
that place
where dreams are

A poem for you
Sugar Camp Hollow,
Passenger Creek,
them rebs,
that gold,

and I pause beside this spring
of remembrance;

this moment is
a thin stream of water
from a tiny spring