It’s Spring Poem by Marilyn McIntyre

It’s Spring Poem

It’s spring here
or so they tell us
the squirrels don’t care
the weather’s not sure

Summer’s coming
always is, at the equator
deer rummage the forest floor
foxes bathe their pups
and the sun knows

Somewhere it’s autumn
the birds nest anyhow
dandelions grow, smiling
the grass stands up and moves
I, myself feel cool

Winter at the Pole
geese hiss their goslings
into bluebells, dancing
and the stream rushes along
he knows where he’s going

Spring is here
again without a timepiece
nature lets loose her bounty
the ice slinks into the water
time and infinity know.

Copyright © 1998 by Marilyn McIntyre, All rights reserved

Waiting for the Someday Bus Poem by Dandelion de la Rue.

Waiting for the Someday Bus
by Dandelion de la Rue.

Maybe that bus
is coming someday
while we just wait
lazy on the
grass and curb and
turned-over newspaper box
listening to the clean lady
with the new bus schedule
and new blue shoes
saying Bus is Coming
Bus is coming
Bus is surely
coming now.

We talk, slow.
One Tooth Boy
shows us his
spider bite
and the old
man hums and nods
and smiles and
there’s a blues beat
that bus is
surely coming
we all say
and we’ll all
get on and go
sometime soon.


Invisible Mystery Friends New Orleans Ghosts Poem by Dandelion de la Rue

Invisible Mystery Friends
Dandelion de la Rue

Remembering days and nights
of wandering through
criss cross designs of
water vapor and
other disembodied energies
thick with the
ghosts and spirits
of Old New Orleans.
I felt their
kinship with me
their embrace
their music
I heard and felt
their songs
around me
over me
in me
They walked my walk
As I walked theirs
and it was
I felt that
I belonged.

Are they lonely
in abandoned
buildings empty
Do they see
the stricken place
it is today
or the magic streets
that they once
walked alone
loving the city
and being loved
the living and
the dead alike.
Where will we gather
now, for bidimensional