Vermeer Watercolor With Abstract Hair and No Intent

Vermeer watercolor

Vermeer watercolor
By David Michael Jackson Modern Art Paintings and Images
Jake: Why did you name it that?
Jackson: It needed a name, they always do.
Jake: Isn’t “No Intent” an intent?
Jackson: I suppose but true lack of intent would be an invisible painting so I’m a liar. We’ve gotten somewhere here.
Jake: The painting resembles that painting by Vermeer, why?
Jackson: She’s the perfect motif, like the Mona Lisa. Motif. That’s what the artist really searches for, the perfect motif.
Jake: How and why did you paint this? Can it have meaning without intent?
Jackson: The flower’s only intent is to create another flower. It is beautiful but that is not the intent. So beauty and intent can exist without each other.
Jake: …and the circumstances?
Jackson: Years ago I was doing a study of the Vermeer girl….she’s beauty itself. I did okay on part of it and screwed up part of it. Water color in unforgiving so the painting sat in a pile for ten years…..One day I smeared some paint on my finger and covered up the bad parts. Without intent it has meaning.
Jake: And that is?
Jackson: “You go for perfection, beauty, and cover up your mistakes as best you can” What other meaning is there in life? Beauty is truth, truth, beauty, Keats Beauty is the ultimate intent, and pathos and the need for love. My statement of no intent is meant to provoke as is much of my art
Jake: Thanks for the interview. Oh one other question. Why do you call your website Modern Art Paintings and Images?
Jackson: I’m one of the earliest internet artists. I know that no one is asking for an unknown artist. “We don’t have the gold going UP the hill.”…Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. I’m the keyword poet, artist and musician. They don’t ask for me. They ask for “Make up your mind poem” or “modern art images”. Maybe they’ll find me for “Vermeer Watercolor”. He never painted one but that’s the internet and people find me. My name doesn’t matter. The art, music and poems do. I’m the ultimate internet virus of art but I’m seen read and heard. Come to think of it Anon has always put out some good stuff!

Abstract Fish Painting

Abstract Fish Painting

This is the essence of creation….I did not start with this but ended up with it. Did a fish spring from the sea and walk? The essence of life is the sea. I get all emotional about this painting….I could turn it on its side and we could make something else of it until we saw the fish. I never set out to paint a fish. The fish never set out to walk on land.
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david michael jackson Abstract Fish Painting

Abstract Art Images

Abstract Art Images

Abstract Art Image-01
Abstract Art Image

This is the last oil I painted. It had many forms and shapes over the years for I liked it, didn’t like it many times and added paint again and again.
Abstract art images or, as I call them, shapes are my passion.
I have always called it abstract shapism. Others call it that now. These images have been on the net since 1996. My art was at Artcrawl because Robert Varner noticed me in 1997. He is the founder and owner of DoubleTake Gallery, Fine Art Consignments. Since 1997 I have not met a more honest company and a finer person on this internet.

I also call this abstract image The Stairway painting because it has lifted me up somehow. It is truly reaching for something whether I achieved it or not.
It is the reaching, the stairway that is important. Abstract art is a denial, a rebellious act. Often the rebellion looks like everybody else’s rebellion. This certainly doesn’t look like a stairway, maybe it’s a weird flower to you. When I succeed, the image is different things to different people.
“I see a cow” is a perfectly great reaction to a great abstract shape. That is why my abstract images have shape. Here is another shape:

abstract art image-02
abstract bug painting

and another:

abstract art image03
abstract art image03


abstract art image-04
abstract art image-04

What do you see? If your imagination is at work then I have succeeded!


David Michael Jackson is the painter, author and publisher of Artvilla. These abstract art images are of his art. His site is at Modern Art Paintings and Images      email is

david michael jackson 4/11/2012

Abstract Dancer Painting

Abstract Dancer Painting


I have to call him something on this internet. It doesn’t let you get away with “Blue and Green Number 12” or some other stupid modern name. He has to be named something that somebody will ask for. Chances are you asked for him. If he’s not an abstract dancer painting then you can go look at one of those that look like dancers that somebody painted weird colors.
Maybe he’s an abstract bear or something else but he’s an abstract dancer painting now and he’s going to have to take his chances there.

I’m an internet artist and people are going to see me whether they like me or not! Come to think of it, how is that different from a museum. I sneak around with my keywords and people visit my museum called Google.
People see my art and it’s not wasted nor does it wait to be declared worthy.
Maybe one of my images will inspire someone somewhere.

david michael jackson May 1 2012
Modern Art Paintings

Abstract Paintings by David Michael Jackson

In the early part of the last century, abstract art was a radical departure from the art that had gone before it. The artists who were at the forefront of this strikingly modern movement all had something in common. They had a passion to communicate something fundamental through art that couldn’t be achieved using traditional realism.

The abstract paintings that I have been familiar with all seek to gain new insight into the realm of art. These artists include:

Josef Albers,Alexander Calder, Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky, Franz Kline, Willem de Kooning, Lee Krasner, Joan Miro, Piet Mondria, Georgia O’Keeffe, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, and Frank Stella.

It is hard to ignore their contributions to our search for the perfect abstract. I have sought to search for something even though it is always unclear what that is. An Abstract artist does not start with a “something” to paint and yet I have obviously found real things that my art resembles. In naming abstract paintings, the artist looks for realism in the names. Finding a name other than “Abstract Blue Number 26” is hard to do. The artist had no intention of realistic painting but a name has to be found.
It is said The most celebrated and famous abstract artists are masters of their form. Early pioneers, such as Kandinsky and Delaunay experimented with color, shapes and symbols. Later in the century, in the creative explosion that was abstract expressionism, artists such as Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock demonstrated new ways to make art and, with their huge canvases, gave us new ways to experience it. Pollack’s “Drip Paintings” became the foundation of our thinking of both modern art and modern abstract paintings. The large canvas became the norm. Museums are large places and large canvasses are appropriate. A museum was as far away from my thoughts as they were to Van Gogh or other earlier artist whose work is small, like my abstract paintings.

My concern with the abstract painting of the past is the lack of form. The paintings tend to cover the canvas uniformly and the thought of a “background” is a thought that I like. Form is an important part of my abstract paintings. Most of my abstractions have both a shape and a background. I sometimes seek to create paintings in which the viewer can participate. By participate I mean the viewer can see real things like making shapes out of clouds. If I create an abstract paintings which you think looks like a dog and I think looks like a rabbit, then I have succeeded.

Pac Man Abstract Painting

Pac Man Abstract Painting

I don’t think of him as a painting. When he comes up he’s just “Pac Man”. He has his own identity. He actually was painted circa 1993 in oils. Sometimes you are just slinging paint. In order to paint there has to be no fear and it has to be worth nothing, an experiment, it doesn’t count, it’s just extra materials, this one doesn’t count, I’m just doing one for fun.

The key to my art is lots of materials. I wish I had Theo to support me completely and buy me all of those materials. Where is my Theo? Vince you never knew what you had or you wouldn’t have pulled the trigger.

Every now and then the songwriter catches those notes or those words out of thin air. The painter does too….sometimes the paint seems to fall on the canvas like it was falling from the sky. The creative process in of itself is almost mystical. The act of creating any thought is mystical. Pac Man didn’t come from the game, he came from what I thought were random motions of my hand.

With any art, music, writing you sometimes get Pac Man and wonder why you don’t nail it every time. I once did the Pollock thing and poured paint onto canvas. Two out of ten were really neat. I didn’t like those odds but I wonder why the “tried hard on these” percentages are somewhat the same. Did Van Gogh flip through them and think, “Starry Night. What was I thinking?”

Pac Man, “What was I thinking?”


Many discovered artists do their best work before the discovery. Real discovery is that painting you discarded last year but suddenly looks like someone else painted it.

From the collection of Ralph (Abe) White


david michael jackson   again…..send pretty rocks and shells and sticks


Abstract Landscape Painting by Glenn Merchant

Abstract Landscape Painting by Glenn Merchant

Abstract Landscape Painting
Is that an art genre? Maybe it should be. Is that a contradiction. An abstract is, by definition, a painting that does not represent the real. Of course there is no definition for an abstract painting and it could be said that a landscape painting cannot represent the real world either being both flat and made of paint.
A very beautiful painting. So full of color and so exuberant, a celebration it seems.

It is by Tennessee Artist Glenn Merchant.