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Two Poems
                       by Caroline
      Waiting at the Temple

I wanted to tell the world
how much I loved you
but your name was
I erected anonymous
monuments to you
and gained the praise
of many who did not
I did not want your praise
your love would have been told
with your touch
but withheld like
heroin to an addict who
kills the beast
but wants its soul
and you departed with
mine in hand
I threw my anger
at your back and built
a temple of
disillusion in your honor
And now you have come
to inspect it . you
walk tentatively through
the door, my heart
stands still
when you greet me
and in wretched silence
I wait
for your next word

caroline 1999
all rights reserved

The Bubble Bath

I drew a long hot bath
with lots of bubbles in it
a pillow behind my head
I could be asleep in a few minutes
I'll forget the worries of the day
and sip on a cold glass of wine
I'll chase away the demons
that love to invade my mind
I'll ignore the thoughts of work
at a job I really hate
and maybe in the morning
I'll just decide to sleep late
Or maybe I'll call the boss
and say I'm not coming in
'cause when the wine ran out
I switched over to the gin
I got my toe stuck in the drain
the fire department's on its way
Wouldn't you know its just my luck
now there will be hell to pay!
I'll never live this down
Now isn't this just a peach
My towel is on the doorknob
four feet beyond my reach.

caroline 1999
all rights reserved

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