Authors of The Barefoot Review Winter 2012


It’s a great honor to have a poem in The Barefoot Review. 

The Barefoot Review publishes original written work by people who have or have had physical difficulties in their lives, from cancer to seizures, Alzheimer’s to Lupus. It is also a place for caretakers, families, significant others and friends to write about their experiences and relationships to the person. They are a vital part to being able to live with an illness.
Poetry Ezines and poets search for meaning, tritely put, the meaning of life. Jason at Barefoot Review found it. We intend to honor his effort every chance we get.
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We are now linking to the contributors of the recent issue.  To link to their content helps them in search engines and it is our wish to recognize those who have been honored to be published. These Authors are published in the Winter 2012 issue.

Winter 2012

Jonel Abellanosa

Shahd Alshammari

Cathy Barber

Deborah Bayer

Diane Hoover Bechtler

Peter Bradley

Marian Brooks

Paul Brucker

Sabrina Bullock

Terri Clary

Carolyn Dille

Robert Duffley

Robin Wyatt Dunn

Jéanpaul Ferro

Gina Forberg

Kathryn Goloski

Iris Graville

Aviva Grossman

Alan D. Harris

Kathrin Harris

David M. Jackson

Richard Jacobs

David Joy

Jacqueline Jules

Katie Rendon Kahn

Wendy Kennar

Chris Kuell

Gina Marie Lazar

Aviva Leah

Nancy Smiler Levinson

Betty Lipton

Heather Logsdon

Alice Longaker

Kevin McLellan

RD McManes

Ann E. Michael

Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu

Susan Morse

Ben Nardolilli

Laura Orem

Todd Outcalt

Julia Penrose

Connie L. Peters

Sue Reeves

Symanntha Renn

Samantha Rose

Cecil Sayre

Jonathan H. Scott

Heidi St. Jean

G. David Schwartz

Carol Smallwood

Maranda Stewart

Rachel Sutcliffe

Guy Thorvaldsen

Lisa Tobe

Kenneth Tyssen

Kris Underwood

Megan Volpert

Janna Vought

Nells Wasilewski