“For The Many” Poem by Ron Olsen

For the many poem
On the other side of the tracks
Old Glory flew
Filled full by the warm California wind
As I had never seen her before
Not for many years, anyway
Not like that
Defiant and strong
As I stood
Waiting for the Surfliner to arrive

And my heart swelled
With both pride and fear

Pride for those who shed their blood
To defend freedom
A way of life
That now stands threatened
By those who put petty self-interest
Greed driven lust for money
Ahead of country

Those who would tear down
What so many worked for
Died for
Argued for
And cried for
For the many
And not the few

It rushed through my head
As I saw our flag
Strong in the wind
As I waited for the train

A reminder of who we are
And what we stand to lose
If some of us are forced to live on one side of the tracks
While the rest are on the other
With no law or common good
To balance our wants and needs
Providing a bridge
To cross over

Only the lust for money
A rigged system
And the power of greed

Simple thoughts
Far too simple, perhaps
For the many
And not the few


©2015 Ron Olsen – all rights reserved

“The Glory Of Us!” A poem by Ron Olsen


The Glory Of Us!
by  Ron Olsen

Naked apes
Eating grapes
And pitted dates
From fancy plates
That come in crates
Over the water
With foreign rates

Having complex thinking thoughts
From the seeds that Darwin wrought
Of birds that fly from place to place
With no regard for creation’s face
Or supreme mind
Just lengths of time
And nature’s grind
To help us find
The truth sublime

Scattering seeds
Through birdie scat
Helps preserve us
Dog and cat
It was true then
It holds true now
For humans, turtles, emu and cow

While getting our kicks
Lost in the mix
Is mankind’s fix
Between and betwixt
Our memory withdrawn
Of how to spawn
Out on the lawn
And we’d be gone

©2015  Ron Olsen-all rights reserved


Illusion – A Poem by Ron Olsen


by Ron Olsen

The greatest compliment ever paid
Came from Gene D’Angelo
When he said
“I’ll have to send three guys after you
To bring you back”

He didn’t of course
So I left Columbus
For Pittsburgh
And Baltimore
And Los Angeles

To find myself

And to eventually
Interview his daughter Beverly
In a park
In Beverly Hills
Princess Leia was there too

So my ego was fulfilled

And the circle turns
And reality
Slaps me back
From my Star Wars illusion

None of it really matters
For a boy from the Midwest
Does it?

What is accomplishment
This, or something else?

It’s left to you
To connect the dots

I no longer can

We spend far too much time
Trying to determine who we really are
Only to eventually discover
It matters not

Not at all
Even though it’s everything


©2015 Ron Olsen / all rights reserved