Fireworks Poem by David Michael Jackson


the inner soul has to be in there saying
both what’s the point
and there has to be a point
we are in a situation which
seems to
be so temporary
so momentary
our lives seem so like the flicker of a candle
we stare into a universe where
billions of years
have passed and
pass again
how fleeting we are
like fireworks we
red and blue and yellow flashes in the night we
as meaningless to the ages as
a single stone in the river
and yet
we still sing and paint and write and act
and hold our face to the wind and hope

Beauty is Truth Poem by David Michael Jackson

too late and I already did it
too late for the roses
too late
for the show
oh yes too many words for the
and no pointy hat
no multicolored vest for the
clown with his smile painted on
no free will
except for the
and you there
you with your dreams of
multicolored flowers leading
up to
leading into
nothing other than
you there can take the measure of your dreams
in beauty itself
and hold your head

Selfishishness is Essential in Spring Poem by David Michael Jackson


selfishness is essential in spring
as essential as giving

or love

and necessary for both

it is selfish to sit on the deck and

feel the spring air on my face and



what is it that I am doing

what is it that I want

is it the words which will throw themselves

across the horizon like those northern lights and lead you to


you too are fragile and

you too will surely break like the ice above the doorway when spring

hits you in the face

hits you with a lily in the yard or

ploughed earth

hits you just when you thought you were dead like the barren winter land

and you find yourself with seeds in your palm

and plans